Download Xvast

Xvast for Windows Aug 22th, 2019

Requirements: Win7, Win8, Win10


Xvast For Android Jun 7th, 2018

Requirements: Android 4.4 or later.


Xvast For Mac Jul 17th, 2019

Requirements: Mavericks 10.9 or later


Xvast For iOS

2.3v Nov 9th, 2018

Requirements: iOS 8.0 or later


Recent updates

Windows: Fixed encrypted web page image loading problem and solved PDF watermark bug, support Flash plugin. ( -- Aug 22th, 2019

Mac: HTML5 with audio can autoplay, Javascript can invoke encrypted mp3. ( -- Jul 17th, 2019

Windows: HTML5 with audio can autoplay, Javascript can invoke encrypted mp3. ( -- Jul 16th, 2019

Mac: Updated Whitelist, and fixed print bug. ( -- Mar 20th, 2019

Mac: Xvast core upgrade to Chrome 67. ( -- Jan 2th, 2019

Windows: Add Playlist feature. ( -- Dec 21th, 2018

Windows: Xvast core upgrade to Chrome 67. ( -- Dec 04th, 2018

iOS: Support third-party apps import files to Xvast iOS. (2.3v) -- Nov 9th, 2018

iOS: Solved messy code problem in non-UTF8 webpage. Web page now displayed in full size. (2.1v) -- Sep 14th, 2018

iOS: Support open DRM-X 4.0 protected web pages, images and javascript. (1.9v) -- Jul 26th, 2018

iOS: Fixed bug HTTPS site can not load a few resources. (1.8v) -- Jul 17th, 2018

Mac: Add more apps to whitelist, more compatible with other Apps. ( -- Jul 17th, 2018

Windows: Support encrypt web page content, solved startup bug in few PC, solved Open with Xvast bug. ( -- Jun 20th, 2018

iOS: Support play HTTPS online video. (1.7v) -- Jun 16th, 2018

Android: Solved SSL cert error, new play speed control in playlist, support open DRM-X 4.0 protected web pages. ( -- Jun 7th, 2018

iOS: Solved bug of offline play. (1.6v) -- Jun 6th, 2018

iOS: Support double-speed playback of audio and video. (1.5v) -- May 24th, 2018

Mac: Support open encrypted web page content. ( -- May 14th, 2018

Android: Open File added scan inner and external SD card. ( -- Feb 13th, 2018

iOS: New Playlist feature. (1.4v) -- Dec 08th, 2017

Android: Improved compatibility. ( -- Nov 17th, 2017

Mac: Add Playlist feature. ( -- Nov 7th, 2017

Android: Add Playlist feature. ( -- Nov 6th, 2017